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Tux is a one-year-old French Bulldog who has just gotten himself into a pickle that might take him awhile to get out of. It's not a hard solution to figure out, but you see, Tux isn't the brightest jewel on the proverbial dog collar. He's somehow gotten a frisbee in his mouth, perhaps he picked it up, perhaps he caught it in the air like a good should, But no matter how it got there, he can't figure out how to now move the frisbee out of his line of vision. As his master calls him, Tux turns his head, but everywhere his head goes, so does the confounded flying disc. Witness this K9 quandary yourself by going to our CaughtOnTapeTV YouTube channel page at

For more information on this clip contact either Joe at or Chris at, today! Please reference clip #329308.

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We've just added another unusual bizarre clip to our collection that contains a combination of police dashboard camera and police helmet camera video of an 18-year-old Florida man who was tasered after he was caught jogging naked and refused to stop. Imagery includes shots of the man jogging by a police car, officer running after the man and helmet camera of the man getting tasered.

For more information on this footage contact either Joe at or Chris at, today! Please reference clip #329282. Watch a snippet of the footage today at

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New clips have recently added to our wild motorcycle stunts gone wrong collection! This crazy footage catches both experienced and not so experience riders losing control while attempting stunts. In addition, we've also added spectacular crashes / accidents caught on tape at various mud racing events.

For more information on any of this eye-catching dramatic imagery, contact either Joe at or Chris at, today!

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