News & Politics

This is CONUS' own personal collection and it covers a broad spectrum of footage from the mid-1980's through 2002.   CONUS makes it easy to access local news coverage without having to contact local TV stations directly.


This domestic news station based collection includes but is not limited to: 


  • Major US breaking news coverage and follow up
  • Crime and trial coverage
  • "Caught on Tape - From surveillance to dashcam to amazing home videos and bloopers.
  • Medical b-roll and technology stories
  • Animal stories, features, wacky and wild coverage from all over the US
  • Celebrity b-roll and red carpet coverage from A-Listers to pop icon short-timers
  • Business and finance stories
  • US political coverage straight from our D.C. bureau 
  • US Weather from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods to blizzards and Nor'easters.








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