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How can I get a screener?
Screening and master footage is sent digitally over the internet.  Many of our clips have screeners that are available to download 24/7 from our online database or if you need assistance we'd be happy to send you screeners to download, free of charge!  If you want to download an online screener from the database you'll need to register and login to, at  While not all of our clips have online screeners, we are adding screeners to view on a weekly basis.


Do you accept credit cards?
CONUS accepts American Express, Master Card and Visa.  


How quickly can I get the footage?
We do our best to send out screeners and master orders the same day orders are placed.  We need a signed license agreement before any clean master footage can be released.


How much will it cost?
We do our best to work within your budget.  Contact a CONUS representative to learn more about rates.


Is everything you have listed online?
Not everything contained within our archive is listed online so let us provide you with free research/screeners and forward your request to a CONUS representative.  It's a great way to save you both time and money!

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