CONUS preserves your legacy for the future

CONUS Archive helps you convert and so preserve your 16mm and 35mm film, and tape images, offering technical expertise in digitizing and color correction for most popular formats. Time is quickly running out on many films and videotapes, with source material deteriorating and obsolete playback machines disappearing. Left alone some footage will never be viewable again. CONUS can help your images survive.

CONUS gives your footage new life

Digitizing not only helps valuable images survive, but gives them new life by making them easy to use. Rather than packed away and taking up room, your footage could now be available to anyone, almost anywhere, to be used in any number of ways. People are often surprised at the number of questions involved in digitizing footage, and the number of options available to them. CONUS completes your project in a high quality, cost-effective way and with an eye toward future use of your footage.

CONUS provides a unique combination of services

Many digitization services offer solid technical work, as does CONUS. But we believe that is only part of the process. CONUS, as a long time successful operator of a major commercial archive, can provide first hand insight into accessing and using digitized video, something other digitization services can’t offer. And if you’re interested, CONUS can even show you some ways your footage could help generate revenue.

Contact Us

Jim Richter
Vice President and General Manager
CONUS Archive

Direct phone: 651-642-4664
Email: jrichter@conus.com