Our Rates

CONUS licenses master footage in two ways: “by the second” or “by the story/clip.” Rates vary greatly depending upon how much video you order and what rights you require. A CONUS representative will help address your specific needs.

The most common rights package requested is worldwide, all media (excluding theatrical), in perpetuity. We generally start at either $40/sec with a 30 second minimum OR $60/sec with a 10 second mininum. The minimum is per master order and there are no minimum per cuts so you can order from as many different clips as you want to come up with your minimum.

While many of the reporters are not licensable, we do have access to license reporters from a specific group of clips for an additional reporter talent fee. If you need a reporter sound from a particular subject, let us know, and we’ll do our best to track down a reporter that is licensable.

The master digital transfer fee is $50 per master order placed.

Should you need different rights, contact a CONUS representative for a customized rate quote.

Chris Bridson at cbridson@conus.com or 651-642-4576
Joe Holub at jholub@conus.com or 651-642-4678